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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a standard window screen - how much are your screens?

There really are no standard window screens, which is why we custom fabricate all of the screens right here in our shop. We actually carry 9 different types of window screen frame and which one used depends on which would best fit your opening. One common frame is called ¾ box.  A screen that is 24” wide and 36 inches tall with painted ¾ box frame and charcoal insect screen would be about $36.  A similarly sized screen in a ½ lip anodized finish would be almost $56.  Larger screens will obviously be more expensive.

Is installation included in your price?

The price is for the material only. It is faster and less expensive if you can bring your screens to us to measure and then fabricate.  If you cannot bring them in, we can come out and measure them  We’ll then give you your price.  If you decide you’d like to us to have us do the work, we’ll make the screens and install them for you.

How long does the screen last?

With window screens, we cannot put a time guarantee on them when it comes to the corrosion rate. Our screens are made of thicker gauge aluminum and have better finishes available. Therefore they are of better quality and typically last longer. However how long they last really depends on the conditions the screens are in and how well they are maintained. Really corrosive environments that are near the beach or in wet areas will corrode faster than less salty or drier areas.  If you rinse off or wipe down the screen frames every few months, they will last longer.  One way to remember to do this is to clean them whenever you wash your windows.

What kind of guarantee does Screen & Things offer?

We have been in business for over 40 years. Customer satisfaction is the reason why we have survived and grown over the years. We diligently strive to ensure that all of our customers are pleased with our work. If something isn’t right, we work to make it right. In addition to warranties offered by the manufacturers of the products we sell, Screens & Things offers a one year warranty on Screens & Things products. Our complete warranty can be found on our website here.

I have wood screens currently, can you make wood screens?

We usually make our screens from aluminum. We can make wood screens in our shop but they are more labor intensive to make and install and so are much more expensive than aluminum screens. Also one thing to consider is that wood screens are more labor intensive to re-screen in the future since you must take off the molding to staple in the screen cloth, whereas aluminum screens are easy to re-screen by simply rolling the screen cloth in the channel. So it would be less expensive now and in the future to replace your wood screens with aluminum screens. But if you would prefer wood screens, we can make them for you.

Will Screens & Things help me find replacement parts for my old windows and doors?

Unfortunately, the answer is a qualified

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