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Seasonal Window & Door Screens Cleaning Tips

Seasonal Window & Door Screens Cleaning TipsRegular cleaning of your screens helps them to last longer and allows better airflow. Cleaning window screens, however, is one of those chores we usually put off because it’s easy to ignore, but there is another reason to clean before the time when the dirt and grime can no longer go unnoticed. Regular washing your window & door screen frames will substantially lengthen the useful life of the frames by removing the salt and airborne dirt which accelerates corrosion. We live in an environment of unparalleled beauty that is also one of unparalleled harshness. Our exceptionally salty moist air, especially when combined with our intense sun, is highly corrosive to screen frame. Some areas can get by with annual or biannual washing, but most of the island require it more frequently, with those on the water needing washing 3 or 4 times more often. It is relatively easy to do and will save you money in the long run.

1. Prep
To clean screens you may use a vacuum to remove dust and then prepare a mild soapy solution.

2. Inspect and Sort
Inspect each window screen as you remove them. If you remove multiple screens organize the screens by size making sure you remember which screen goes to which window. You may wish to use a permanent marker to number them in an inconspicuous location. As you inspect the screen look for tears in the screen mesh. Screens & Things can rescreen window screens (and door screens - yes, these need to be cleaned too!) quickly and inexpensively. Inspect the frames for signs of corrosion. You may choose to replace window screens that are beginning to corrode but, as long as it isn't too bad and isn't in the spline channel, you may be able to wait until the next cleaning. The spline is the rubber piece which holds the screen mesh tightly to the screen frame and it goes into the spline channel. Corrosion of the spline channel will result in the screen tearing. The window screen should be replaced. Larger screens may be left outside, leaned up against an exterior wall close to a garden hose for rinsing. If the screens are small enough, they can be cleaned in tub or shower.

3. Scrub
Rinse the screen thoroughly with water using a hose or shower before applying your soapy solution. Lightly scrub the screen with your soapy solution using a soft brush, sponge or cloth. Using overlapping, rotating strokes, wipe the cleaning solution over the screen until there's a nice sudsy coating on the screen.

Be sure you don't scrub too hard or push the screen fabric which can stretch or cause damage to the screen.

4. Rinse
Rinse the screen thoroughly again with the hose or shower. Re-cleaning missed or stubborn spots; rinsing again making sure all cleaning solution is removed. Rinse the screen corners and bottom frame especially well as corrosion often starts here.

5. Dry & Replace
Remove most of the excess water by shaking the screen or giving them a light tap against the ground or wall. A quick wipe with an absorbent towel will speed up the drying process. Replacing the screens as soon as they are dry makes short work of what could be a time consuming chore.

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