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PlyGem Pro Series 970 French Sliding Patio Door

Ply Gem's Pro Series 970 French Sliding Patio Door will enhance your living space, as it features wide stiles and rails, replicating an authentic French look.  The Series 970 French Sliding Patio door glides effortlessly, while allowing you to enjoy the cool breezes and your view. Two, three or four panel systems are available.  Two-point locking system comes standard on 2 and 3-panels systems, while a four-point locking system and shoot-bolt comes standard on 4-panel systems.

The heavy duty PVC frame is available with a dual wall flush fin, block frame, 1-3/8” nail on fit setback with stucco key or j-channel. The 4-3/8” frame depth adds strength and stability, and includes an anodized aluminum threshold cover. Energy performance is also enhanced, as the insulated glass panels utilize Low-E and argon gas fill.  The Series 970 sliding patio doors will glide with ease, as it uses long lasting, durable stainless steel rollers.  Standard hardware comes color-coordinated to match one of two standard finishes: white or beige.

Options available:

There are a variety of glass options available to fit your needs:

  1. Low-E*
  2. Argon Gas fill**
  3. Tinted
  4. Obscure
  5. Tempered
  6. Glue Chip Obscure
  7. Laminated
  8. Sound Package (off-set glass)
  9. Triple-paned units that combine Low-E* and Argon Gas fill**

*Low-E glass features a very thin, secondary thin metallic dual layer coating, which allows light and the sun’s heat to pass through the insulated glass, while it reflects radiant heat waves.  This will help keep your home cooler during the summer months by blocking radiant heat, while trapping radiant heat in cooler climates during the winter.

**Argon gas fill is a safe, colorless and odorless gas that is denser than air. When combined with Low-E, insulation is improved, as heat and cold do not pass through the argon gas as easily as through air. 

Choose from 5/8” flat grids or 5/8” sculptured grids in 2 finishes and a variety of patterns to fit your aesthetic preferences.

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