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Dramatic new dimension in embossed architectural glass

UltraGlas is a dramatic new dimension in embossed architectural glass offering architects, designers, art directors and builders an expansive palette of decorative and functional opportunities.

UltraGlas is a product of heat slumping, often referred to as kiln-formed, heat-molded or cast glass. This process offers a substantial palette of designable glass solutions.

Virtually anything that can be carved from the special heat-resistant mold material can be recreated in UltraGlas. Custom components can reflect an overriding theme by incorporating subtleties from adjacent architectural or design elements. Standard textures can provide a neutral environmental counterpoint.

How is UltraGlas made?

Heat slumping subjects standard float glass (what we normally think of as standard window glass panes), or virtually any glass, to a range of very specific temperatures.

To create UltraGlas, float glass is cut and fabricated to size and shape, including any required holes or hardware notches, pigments are applied if required, and the prepared glass is placed atop a carved mold designed to withstand very high kiln temperatures. The application of heat relaxes the glass, allowing it to slump into and over the exact contours and textures of the mold itself. The glass is then allowed to cool slowly in the mold (this is called annealing).

If required by safety codes, the annealed-slumped glass may then be tempered and/or bent. Any desired special finishes may also be applied to, or performed on, UltraGlas components such as surface frost, virtually any applied opaque or translucent color or colors, back-silvering, and/or a wide variety of appliqued materials.

UltraGlas can be laminated for suspended flooring or ceilings, or insulated for thermal and sound barriers. A single piece of UltraGlas can now be bent, tempered and insulated.

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