Milgard Aluminum Sliding Glass Door

Because of their clean, narrow sightlines, Aluminum Series patio doors provide an almost flawless view outside. It’s custom-made to the exact measurements you require for your home. Light yet stable, aluminum patio doors can be configured into a variety of combinations. The narrowness of the frame places the focus on the glass and furthermore, the view it offers. Multi-panel glass walls are often made with aluminum frames to facilitate indoor and outdoor living. Milgard aluminum frames are available in anodized or baked-on finishes for lasting color. Sealed, mechanically joined corners stay square and true over years of use.

Aluminum is not recommended in beach homes for while the material is water resistant, it can be affected by corrosion from salt water and salt air. The corrosion may affect hardware operation and frame performance. Because aluminum conducts heat and cold well, Milgard offers a Thermally Improved Aluminum frame in select regions. Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum patio doors to be equipped with a thermal barrier that makes them more energy efficient. Polyurethane is placed between the frame to create a thermal break reducing the flow of heat and improving insulating ability.

Milgard Aluminum Series patio doors are constructed with high quality components that start with the rollers and go all the way to the frame itself. The doors offer a very fresh look in any home. When a modern architectural style is desired, these patio doors can achieve a variety of contemporary design requirements. They’re designed with clean, narrow sight lines that only the strength and stability of aluminum can provide. Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum patio doors rate high in appearance, strength and value. Due to Milgard’s confidence in them, they're covered by the Milgard Lifetime Limited Warranty.

At Screens & Things, Milgard helps us help homeowners like you make an impact on their energy consumption by offering environmentally sound doors. We make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of energy packages you can shape to our specific Hawaiian climate. Milgard conducts thermal simulations to enhance energy performance and help Screens & Things contribute to keeping our island haven the dream that it is.  

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