Retractable Screen Door

Innovative Retractable Screen Doors with Invisible Design

Retractable screen doors utilize the technology of roll-up blinds, updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. They are manufactured with a durable, lightweight aluminum housing that protects the screen mesh when not in use. Within the housing, the retractable screen door is anchored to an aluminum tube with a tension control device. Designed to address both home aesthetics and function, retractable screen doors can be applied to the following door types.

Single in-swing and out-swing doors: Retractable screen doors complement any in-swing or out-swing door. Mounted on the inside or outside of the door frame, the retractable screen door does not interfere with the door's operation. Designed to blend seamlessly with the door frame, this retractable screen door provides insect protection, and a clear view inside and out.

Oversized doors: Your doorway sets the tone to the design of your living space. Unfortunately, fixed screens can affect the look of your home. Retractable screen doors are available in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate oversized single and double openings, making them a seamless add-on to your home.

Double French doors: Retractable screen doors provide the most attractive insect solution for double French doorways. Two screens are mounted to each side of the door frame; the dual screens meet in the center and are held in place with a hidden latch system in the slidebar and tracks. Perfect for both in-swing and out-swing applications, these doors preserve the look of your doors and your view to the outside.

Sliding patio doors: Sliding patio doors are best for maximizing views and admitting daylight. Retractable screen doors blend seamlessly with all types of patio doors without detracting from the building's design. The retractable screen stays out of sight in a subtle aluminum housing, allowing you to maintain clear view to the outside when the screen is not in use.

Features and Upgrades

  • 11 standard color options.
  • Custom colors available.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Provides insect protection.
  • Enhances ventilation and views.
  • Easy-to-use latch and release handle.
  • Aluminum housing to hold screen mesh withstands Hawai'i's harsh elements.
  • Heat and UV-resistant screen caps, guides, and nylon parts.

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