Milgard Ultra French-Style Sliding Glass Door

Ultra Series French-style sliding patio doors give your home a touch of grandeur. On a French door, the lower rail is taller than both the top and sides, which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the viewer. In addition, sidelites can be added to any of the operating styles.

These lanai doors are available in four exterior frame colors to match your home perfectly. All of our Ultra Series interiors come in white. Or, you can color-match the interior and exterior in Harmony, Bark and the most popular, Black Bean. Fiberglass material tolerates the heat and cold which combats swelling, rotting, and warping. The frame expands and contracts at approximately the same rate as the insulated glass it holds for improved energy efficiency and strength. This makes fiberglass doors and windows durable and low-maintenance. While fiberglass frames do not require repainting for upkeep, the material is possible to be repaint if you prefer a color change. Series patio doors come with the Milgard Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Fiberglass door frames are essentially composed of glass fibers and resin, materials that expand and contract very little with temperature changes in the tropical weather. Until recently, the complex profiles required for designs have been impossible to reach with fiberglass. The process Milgard uses to create their fiberglass window and patio door frame lineals is called pultrusion. Glass rovings and mats are pulled at tremendous forces through a resin bath and a series of dies. These materials combine and catalyze to provide tensile and torsion strength. Milgard regularly tests its fiberglass lineals for color uniformity, gloss, film thickness and chemical resistance for quality and long-lasting performance. Innovation has made it possible to design a fiberglass frame and patio doors are becoming more popular among homeowners for their artistry and long-lasting durability.

Milgard® Ultra Series patio door hardware is not only attractive, it’s also easy to operate, durable and secure. Ultra™ Series windows and patio doors have fiberglass frames inside and out with four exterior colors available. Each exterior color can be paired with a white interior. However, you can color-match both the interior and exterior colors in Harmony, Bark or the popular Black Bean.

At Screens & Things, Milgard helps us help homeowners like you make an impact on their energy consumption by offering environmentally sound doors. We make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of energy packages you can shape to our specific Hawaiian climate. Milgard conducts thermal simulations to enhance energy performance and help Screens & Things contribute to keeping our island haven the dream that it is.

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