Pacifica Wardrobe Mirror Doors

Pacifica Wardrobe Mirror Doors are a durable extruded aluminum frame option which comes in seven beautiful finishes.  The Euro-styling of the frame is timeless, and will coordinate with virtually any application.  Both the top channel and bottom channel are made of extruded aluminum.  The bottom track is also jump-proof, while the top injection molded guides help to provide smooth operation.  
The Pacifica comes standard with 1/8" thick copper-free mirror for years of use, or choose from painted glass, chalkboard, or dry erase board inserts.  A coordinating 1/2" beveled mirror fascia is available.
You can customize the look of your doors with a wide variety of insert options to best suit your application, from standard clear mirror to painted glass and more.  A notch above most other aluminum wardrobe doors, you will love the design and quality of the Pacifica Wardrobe Mirror Doors.  Feel the difference!
Choose from double sliding panels or triple sliding panels for wider openings.  The top channel measures 2-1/4" deep, and is felt lined to help reduce rattling.  The 1-1/2" diameter rollers allow for easy sliding, and have 1" adjustment to fit the opening height (+/- 1/2"). 
All materials are by special order, with "standard" sizes available for shipping, as well as special sizes.
Opening Widths Available:

  • 48", 60", 72", 84", 96", 108", 120", 144", 168", 192"
  • Custom widths available

Opening Heights Available:

  • 81" and 96" (+/- 1/2")
  • Custom heights available

Anodized Aluminum Finishes Available:

  • Bright Clear Anodized (silver)
  • Bright Gold Anodized (polished brass appearance)
  • Satin Clear Anodized
  • Satin Gold Anodized
  • Bronze Anodized
  • Brushed Nickel Anodized

Standard Painted Frame Finishes Available:

  • White (High-Gloss) Paint

All mirror inserts are copper-free, which will not get the dreaded "black edge" which occurs on old mirrors which contain copper sulfate coatings.  Choose from a variety of copper-free mirror options to coordinate with your interior decorating, or opt for one of the other beautiful insert options below.
Copper-Free Mirror - A classic, with a variety of color options

  • Clear Mirror (standard)
  • Antique Mirror
  • Beveled Mirror
  • Blue Mirror
  • Bronze Mirror
  • Green Mirror

Pantone Painted Glass - A unique, modern twist on tempered safety glass

  • 27 standard colors available:
    • Oyster
    • Rose Blush
    • Merlot
    • Neon Yellow
    • Autumn Brown
    • Citrus
    • Mint Green
    • Silver
    • Sea Green
    • Colonial Blue
    • Teal Blue
    • Lime Green
    • Dark Green
    • Flame Red
    • Gray Sky
    • Purple
    • Lilac
    • Royal Purple
    • Chocolate
    • Midnight Black
    • Chartreuse Green
    • Copper
    • Sand Stone
    • Cream
    • Pastel Yellow
    • Snow White
    • Sand Brown
  • Over 3,500+ additional Pantone special order colors available

Other Insert Options Available - For applications in your home office, or the kids room

  • Chalkboard
  • Dry Erase Board

Estimates for a Pacifica Wardrobe Mirror Doors are Free for Most of Oahu

or call (808) 748-3772

Pacifica Wardrobe Mirror Doors Gallery - Click Images Below to Enlarge

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