Kama'aina Non-security Screen Door

Sturdy Kama’aina screen door made of rust-free aluminum with customizable mesh options.

Introducing the Kama’aina Non-Security Screen Door, the epitome of craftsmanship and functionality. A best seller renowned for its sturdy construction, this door combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. Made from 2-1/8” x 3/4" extruded aluminum, it guarantees a rust-free experience, ensuring longevity and durability in all weather conditions.

Available in standard colors of Bronze Anodized and White Enamel, the Kama’aina fits seamlessly into any home décor. Whether you’re looking for stock sizes or need custom dimensions to match your unique space, this screen door caters to all requirements. Its easy handling pull handle and pneumatic closure option enhance user experience by ensuring smooth operation every time.

The door features a charcoal 18” x 16” x 0.011 mesh fiberglass screening, providing excellent ventilation while keeping pests out. A heavy-duty kickplate adds an extra layer of durability, protecting the door from wear and tear. For those seeking customization, mesh upgrades are readily available.

Equipped with two 1-1/4” extruded aluminum pushbars and Oilite bearing hinges, the Kama’aina door is designed for stability and ease of use. The appealing grill not only adds to the door’s stability but also enhances its visual appeal, making it a stylish addition to any entrance.

Stocked Sizes:

  • 30" x 80"
  • 32" x 80"
  • 36" x 80"
  • 36" x 84"

Features and Upgrades:

  • Standard finish colors: Bronze Anodized, White Enamel.
  • Special finish colors available by special order.
  • French door configurations, complete with astragal, anchor bolts, and hardware.
  • Various screen mesh upgrades.
  • Pneumatic closure.
  • Easy handling pull handle.
  • 12" kickplate.

Estimates for a Kama'aina Non-security Screen Door are Free for Most of Oahu

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