BetterVue Screen Mesh: dirt and grime resistant with Water Shed Technology™, allows airflow with an enhanced view.

BetterVue mesh features Water Shed Technology™, allowing this mesh to shed and resist dirt and grime, providing a clear view. This mesh can be used for window screens, sliding screen doors, and hinged screen doors.


  • Air flow - 4/4 (Superior)
  • Durability - 2/4 (Satisfactory)
  • Insect protection - 3/4 (Exceptional)
  • View - 4/4 (Superior)


  • Superior optical clarity.
  • Dirt and grime resistant.
  • Curb appeal.
  • Improved airflow and natural light.
  • Water Shed Technology™.
  • GREENGUARD certified.

Colors Available:

  • Charcoal (black).

Stocked roll sizes available 36" x 100' to 72" x 100'

Estimates for a BetterVue® are Free for Most of Oahu

or call (808) 748-3772

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