Water Shed Technology™

Clear-View Screen Mesh with Water Shed Technology.

Introducing our cutting-edge screen mesh featuring Water Shed Technology, designed to maintain unobstructed views and cleanliness through any weather conditions. This innovative technology integrates a hydrophobic coating that repels water and resists the accumulation of dirt and grime. Perfect for maintaining clear visibility during rainstorms, our screen mesh ensures that water beads up and rolls off instead of filling and blurring the screen's surface.

This same advanced repellent technology is used across a range of products, including upholstery, marine applications, and even food packaging, making it a tested and trusted solution for keeping surfaces clean and dry. By preventing window paning—a common issue during rainstorms where water fills the mesh squares—our screens allow you to enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine.

Our Water Shed Technology not only enhances your view but also extends the life of the product, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their home's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're dealing with a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, our screen mesh keeps your view pristine and your home protected from the elements.

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