Kawili Security Hinged Screen Door

Kawili door: Robust security, marine-grade mesh, sleek design.

Introducing the Kawili Security Hinged Screen Door, the epitome of strength, security, and simplicity, designed to provide a fortress-like barrier for your home while maintaining an air of elegance. Engineered with a 3” x 1” x .062” heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame, this door combines robust construction with aesthetic appeal.

The Kawili is equipped with black epoxy-coated, .033 diameter wire marine-grade stainless steel mesh, renowned for its resistance to bending, breaking, smashing, and pulling, thus ensuring that intruders are kept at bay. Whether you are looking for a single or double door configuration, the Kawili door can accommodate your needs. It comes in standard colors of bronze anodized and white enamel, with the option for custom colors.

Security is paramount with the Kawili door, featuring a pick-proof lock to safeguard your home effectively. The door's standard sizes fit most openings, and custom sizes can be ordered to ensure a perfect fit for any doorway. Ease of use is guaranteed with a keyed lock that includes an inside thumb-turn, allowing for quick and secure access.

The door is also equipped with a pneumatic closure for smooth operation, and the handle and lockset are compatible with Kwikset handles and deadbolts, offering flexibility in hardware selection when keying to an entry door. Maintenance and longevity are considered with the availability of replacement parts and a vinyl bug sweep to keep your doorway clean and bug-free.

Stocked Sizes:

  • 36" x 80"

Features and Upgrades:

  • Standard finish colors: Bronze Anodized, White Enamel.
  • Special finish colors available by special order.
  • French door configurations, complete with astragal, anchor bolts, and hardware.
  • Pneumatic closure.
  • Vinyl bug sweep.
  • Black epoxy-coated stainless steel mesh.
  • Replacement hardware available.
  • Different mounting styles available.

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