Kamakani Security Sliding Screen Door

Secure & stylish Kamakani sliding security screen door, airflow-friendly with heavy-duty protection.

Introducing the Kamakani Sliding Security Screen Door, the epitome of protection blended with elegance for your home. This door isn’t just any security measure; it’s a statement of style and functionality. Engineered with a 3” x 1” x .062” heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame and tamper-resistant screws, it stands as a formidable barrier against unwanted entries. The door comes standard with a durable fiberglass insect screen mesh, ensuring pests stay out while fresh air and visibility remain uncompromised. For those seeking an extra layer of protection and customization, mesh upgrades are readily available.

Beyond its robust build, the Kamakani features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum grille with a distinctive diamond pattern, serving not only as a visual deterrent but also as an aesthetic enhancement to your home’s exterior. It's designed as a standard single panel system with a user-friendly C-handle, ensuring ease of operation with an effortless glide, thanks to sealed stainless steel needle ball bearings.

Available in standard colors of bronze anodized and powder-coated white, with custom color options to match your home's palette, this screen door integrates seamlessly. It’s custom-made to fit every unique opening, ensuring a flush installation that adds to its sleek appearance.

The Kamakani offers an optional 2-panel system upgrade for those desiring increased protection, along with a single point locking system. A keyed entry upgrade is also available, providing peace of mind through enhanced security. The maintenance-free handle and lever underscore the door’s smooth operation, making it not just a protective barrier, but a part of your home’s charm.

Experience the Kamakani Sliding Security Screen Door - where security meets sophistication.

Features and Upgrades

  • Security grille made of high-quality extruded aluminum.
  • Durable fiberglass insect screening for airflow.
  • Grille allows clear view of outdoors and visitors.
  • Two finish colors: Bronze Anodized and White powder-coated.
  • Custom finish colors available.
  • Key lock with inside thumb latch upgrade.
  • Variety of screen mesh upgrades: brite (silver) aluminum, black aluminum, sunscreen, textilene, pet screen, stainless steel, bettervue, and solar screen.

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