Heavy-Duty Sliding Screen Door

Durable Sliding Screen Door: Custom sizes, rust-free aluminum frame, multiple mesh options.

Say goodbye to flimsy screen doors and welcome the reliability and strength of our Heavy-Duty Sliding Screen Door. Custom-made to fit any opening, this robust sliding screen door is crafted from extruded aluminum, ensuring rust-free performance. The 1” x 1-7/8” frame is designed for durability and strength, with a raised “hat” section to withstand frequent use.

Enjoy the versatility of adjustable rollers, vinyl bug seals, optional crossbars for added support, and nylon corners. Our door comes in a variety of finishes including bronze anodized, clear anodized, and classic white painted, allowing you to match your home's aesthetic seamlessly. Enhance your door with mesh upgrades for better ventilation and clarity. Consider the stainless steel roller upgrade for smoother operation or diecast corners for added stability.

For households with pets, we offer convenient accessories such as pet doors and grills, making it easier for your furry friends to come and go. Designed to endure high-traffic conditions and the corrosive effects of Hawai’i’s salt air, this sliding screen door is the perfect combination of functionality and longevity.

Available in double configurations for larger openings, and with replacement parts available, our door will remain in great condition for years to come. Whether you're dealing with heavy use, a larger doorway or simply want a reliable screen door that looks great and performs even better, our Heavy-Duty Sliding Screen Door is the ideal choice.

Features and Upgrades:

  • Standard finish colors: Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized, White Painted.
  • Double door configurations with astragal.
  • Crossbars for more structural support.
  • Stainless-steel rollers.
  • Diecast corners.
  • Pet Grill.
  • Pet Door.
  • Mesh upgrades (size limitations may apply).

Estimates for a Heavy-Duty Sliding Screen Door are Free for Most of Oahu

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