Oasis Exterior Window Shades

Block the sun, not the view.

Insolroll offers the perfect solution for extreme sun exposures. Retractable shades using densely woven solar screen fabric roll down to provide protection from the harsh sun.  Our unique solar screen fabric allows natural light to enter your home and create an open feeling while still blocking the sun’s heat.  These Insolroll solar screens can be automated with sun and wind sensors to provide total protection for your décor, even when you are not at home.

Insolroll Exterior Window Shades block the sun's heat before it enters the window. The bulk of the heat is either absorbed by the screen and then dissipated or reflected. Thus, Insolroll Shades reduce heat gain significantly and lower energy costs for air conditioning.

Exterior solar screen shades block up to 95% of the heat and UV rays while still maintaining the view. Fabrics are available from 3% - 14% openness to meet various shading requirements.


  • Specialized fabrics for exterior solar screen shades of varying degrees of openness.
  • Reinforced welded edges provide increased fabric durability.
  • Aluminum side channel with vinyl insert to increase durability.
  • Fabric wrapped teardrop-shaped aluminum hem bar
  • Reinforced bracket design for large installations.
  • Fully enclosed aluminum headbox protects fabric when retracted.

Additional Options

  • 110 volt AC tubular motor or crank and gear operator
  • Side channel and headbox available in white, tan and bronze
  • Various Solar Screen and Opaque Fabrics

Estimates for an Oasis Exterior Window Shades are Free for Most of Oahu

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