Oasis Exterior Patio Shades

Imagine tempering the sun without blocking the view.

Stay cool and enjoy your patio or deck on hot summer days. Insolroll Exterior Solar Screen Shades provide glare and heat protection from the setting sun. Tough solar screen fabric can provide protection from golf balls. Patio shades allow for an open feel, while offering privacy from neighbors.

Insolroll offers two hardware systems for patio applications. The Insolroll Oasis Motor or Crank Systems comes with a fully enclosed headbox, motor or crank operators, and a choice of side track or cable guide systems.

The Insolroll Clutch System is a simpler manual clutch operated system. Clutch shades are not available with side tracks or cable. These shades are less expensive than the Insolroll Motor or Crank Systems and are designed to be used when patio is being used.  Oasis Patio Shades are available with a cable guide or a 1 1/2" side track system.

Motorized Shade Operations
Insolroll 2800 motors are available as standard hard wire 110 volt AC system or built in Radio Receiver for wireless switch legs. Convenient, efficient operation with any of Insolroll's Simplified Building Controls.


  • Specialized fabrics for exterior solar screen shades of varying degrees of openness.
  • Reinforced welded edges provide increased fabric durability.
  • Aluminum side channel with vinyl insert to increase durability.
  • Fabric wrapped teardrop-shaped aluminum hem bar
  • Reinforced bracket design for large installations.
  • Fully enclosed aluminum headbox protects fabric when retracted.

Additional Options

  • Insolroll 2800 110 volt AC tubular motor
  • Cable guide or a 1 1/2" side track system
  • Side channel and headbox available in white, tan and bronze
  • Various Solar Screen and Opaque Fabrics

Estimates for an Oasis Exterior Patio Shades are Free for Most of Oahu

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