Cardinal TruFit Series

Is your shower opening out-of-square? The TruFit 3/8” heavy glass shower enclosure allows for ½”-1-1/4” adjustment, as to fit your opening perfectly

Cardinal’s TruFit shower enclosures will give you the look of a 3/8” heavy glass shower enclosure, while allowing you ½”-1-1/4” adjustment to accommodate any outages that your opening may have.  Traditional 3/8” heavy glass shower enclosures must be custom ordered to accommodate any out-of-square conditions. 

3/8” clear glass comes standard, but you may choose from additional 3/8” glass options.  Standard hardware includes an adjustable hinged channel with heavy duty hinges, through-the-glass c-pull handle, and adjustable u-channels for an inline fixed panel (if needed).  Choose from one of five standard finishes: Chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, Roman bronze and white.  The hinged channel allows for ½” of adjustment, while the u-channel on the inline fixed panel allows for ¾” adjustment, giving an overall 1-1/4” adjustment range on a hinged door with inline fixed panel unit.

Estimates for a Cardinal TruFit Series are Free for Most of Oahu

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