Heavy Glass Enclosure

Luxurious frameless shower and tub enclosures add elegance and simplicity to any bathroom, with 3/8” to ½” glass options and clean sight-lines

Enhance the look of your bathroom and re-create the feeling of being at a high-end spa, with a custom frameless heavy glass shower enclosure.  As this units are all custom made, you can enclose virtually any space.  Whether you are looking for just a hinged door, or an enclosure with a hinged door and return panels, etc., we can provide you with something to suit your design preferences.  In-door or in-panel steam vents are also available should you want a true steam enclosure.

Choose from a wide variety of 3/8” or 1/2” thick glass options, which range from the standard clear glass, to custom cast glass options.  To make cleaning a breeze, add the optional glass sealant, as to make the glass less porous and to help reduce water spotting.

Hardware is available in a variety of finishes (chrome, brushed nickel, gold, oil rubbed bronze, Roman bronze, white or satin) to match your bathroom décor.

Upgraded options are available as well:

  • Custom edgework such as chipped edges, radius corners, curves, etc.
  • Specialty glass from 3/8” to ½” thick, including cast glass
  • Through-the-glass towel bars, c-pull handles or knobs
  • Through-the-glass towel bar/ pull combo
  • Custom cast-glass pulls
  • A variety of hinge / clamps
  • Heavy Euro (rounded) or Apollo (crown molding appearance) headers, for units that require extra stability and support

Estimates for a Heavy Glass Enclosure are Free for Most of Oahu

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Heavy Glass Enclosure Gallery - Click Images Below to Enlarge

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