Skyline Series

Create a sleek and dramatic look for your bathroom with the Skyline Series sliding shower and tub enclosures

Unlike traditional sliding enclosures which feature bulky headers, the Skyline Series sliding enclosures are simplistic, yet modern in style. This system utilizes either 3/8" thick clear glass, with one fixed and one sliding panel, and a 90 degree return panel if needed.

The sliding panel glides effortlessly on the single top rod, with bold rollers (all stainless steel). The fixed panel is attached to the wall using wall mount "pucks", and the sliding panels has a 2-1/4" recessed pull for easy opening and closing. Paired together, the aesthetic look of the Skyline Series enclosure is clean yet dramatic. Choose from one of two available hardware finishes: Brushed stainless steel (similar to brushed nickel) or Polished stainless steel (similar to chrome).

Estimates for a Skyline Series are Free for Most of Oahu

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Skyline Series Gallery - Click Images Below to Enlarge

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