Milgard Ultra Radius Window

Ultra Series is the premium, extravagant fiberglass window that is also aesthetically pleasing. The fiberglass material swelling, rotting, and warping resistant; making it the best choice for long-lasting imperishability along with upscale charm.

Radius windows are arched or rounded at the top which brings a softness to the hard corners in your room. There are so many options when it comes to radius windows. Specialty shapes come in circular, half circle, and quarter circle or arched top styles. They can be easily combined with windows that open up to enhance your view, let in more light and add ventilation. The ability to mix and match operating styles presents countless possibilities for your island home.

If you’re looking for a dark interior frame to match the exterior of your home, your search is over with Ultra Series fiberglass windows. Choose Bark or Black Bean to achieve the prominent dark window frame look. Ultra Series uses a powder coat finish on Harmony, Bark and Black Bean in the case when the exterior and interior are the same color. Otherwise, they are painted with a wet coat application including the fourth finish option, Frost.

Ultra Series fiberglass custom windows are heat and cold resistant, strong and require little maintenance. The frame expands and contracts at close to the same rate as the insulated glass that it holds which puts less stress on the seals for a clear view.

Milgard Ultra Series window hardware is attractive, reliable, secure, and simple to operate. You can get it in white, clay, dark bronze, brushed chrome or black. If you prefer, you may also choose from the Positive Action Lock or Cam Lock for single hung windows.

Ultra Series windows are covered by the Milgard Lifetime Limited Warranty for your security and peace of mind. Screens & Things offers award-winning windows and patio doors through Milgard that are built to last. For over 50 years, Milgard has designed and fabricated high-quality products to help your island home feel more satisfying, all backed by industry leading warranties.

At Screens & Things, Milgard helps us help homeowners like you make an impact on their energy consumption by offering environmentally sound windows. We make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of energy packages you can shape to our specific Hawaiian climate. Milgard conducts thermal simulations to enhance energy performance and help Screens & Things contribute to keeping our island haven the dream that it is. 

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