Integrity Ultrex Single Hung Window

There is more than a single reason to like this beauty.

Integrity All Ultrex Single Hung windows have beautiful, virtually indestructible interiors and exteriors made of Ultrex, meaning almost no maintenance for a homeowner. The patented Ultrex finish resists scratching and fading and will never flake; elegant traditional styling with 21st-century technology.

The All Ultrex Single Hung offers DP50 performance on a majority of sizes. Innovative tilt latches, robust low profile sash lock, factory-applied installation accessories, and superior delivery combine with Ultrex contruction, Low EII glass and ENERGY STAR qualified performance to make the Sungle Hung a superior product in both looks and performance. Mull with picture units, transoms, other Single Hung or Polygon units to create unique multiple assemblies.

More strength, durability and performance are offered by Integrity from Marvin All Ultrex Series. With an exterior and interior of Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass material that outperforms and outlasts vinyl, this series is everything you want plus the reputation for quality from Marvin Windows and Doors. The All Ultrex Series is Easy to order, simple to install, delivered on time, energy efficient and extremely well built. Take performance to the next level with Integrity from Marvin All Ultrex Series.


  • Traditional style details including an 11° sloped sill that provides superior water management
  • Low rate of thermal expansion and contraction prevents seal failures and maintains performance over a lifetime
  • Designed to match sight lines of Integrity Picture, Transom and Polygon units for beautiful assemblies
  • Outstanding performance ratings up to DP50 in a majority of sizes, while operating sash tilt and remove easily, without tools
  • A choice of exterior colors, interior options, hardware finishes, divided lites, and standard sizes.
  • Factory mulling and field mulling kits are available.

Estimates for an Integrity Ultrex Single Hung Window are Free for Most of Oahu

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