Wood Glider Window

For simple operation and energy efficiency.

This attractive window effortlessly slides horizontally on the window track. Just pull gently on the stylish and unobtrusive finger pull. The Glider rates high in energy efficiency and you'll find it's a particularly good fit in situations where a swinging sash would get in the way - like overlooking a porch or deck. Simple, stylish and a sure way to make an impression.


  • Clear, one-lite insulating glass
  • Satin Taupe sash lock
  • White sill track on wood units / Beige sill track on clad-wood units
  • All wood Brick Mould Casing (wood units)
  • 4-9/16" jambs. 3-9/16" jambs are available for clad-wood Gliders.
  • Finger pull on stile of operating sash
  • XO operation
  • Half screen
  • Vinyl Drip Cap and nailing fin (clad units)
  • Bare wood interior

Estimates for a Wood Glider Window are Free for Most of Oahu

or call (808) 748-3772

Wood Glider Window Gallery - Click Images Below to Enlarge

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