Milgard Tuscany Radius Window

Radius windows are arched or rounded at the top which brings a softness to the hard corners in your room. There are so many options when it comes to radius windows. There are specialty shape that come in circular, half circle, and quarter circle or arched top styles. They can be easily combined with windows that open up to enhance your view, let in more light and add ventilation. The ability to mix and match operating styles presents countless possibilities for your island home.

The Tuscany Series windows offer considerable advantages including durable vinyl frames that won’t absorb moisture and don’t need painting, cutting-edge SmartTouch® lock technology that’s effortless to use, integrated with the classic styling once available only in wood windows, energy efficiency, nine exterior colors to beautify the look of your home, and a Full Lifetime Warranty. All Tuscany® Series windows have even sightlines, from top to bottom, and across. This provides a sleek and visually pleasing effect throughout your home, regardless of which window operating style you choose.

High quality components and cutting-edge engineering helps to create a high performing vinyl window. Milgard starts by acutely controlling the vinyl compound formula to combat harsh climate conditions. Then, they extrude their very own frame material, and construct all Tuscany Series windows themselves. This process ensures that the final product is both heat stable and performs as expected resulting in a window that requires little to no maintenance over the years.

The technology behind the patented SmartTouch lock was the first in the industry. With just one hand you can effortlessly lift the locking mechanism to unlock and open or close the window. The SmartTouch lock exceeds all California forced-entry requirements, which are among the most substantial in the nation.

At Screens & Things, Milgard helps us help homeowners like you make an impact on their energy consumption by offering environmentally sound windows. We make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of energy packages you can shape to our specific Hawaiian climate. Milgard conducts thermal simulations to enhance energy performance and help Screens & Things contribute to keeping our island haven the dream that it is. 

Milgard vinyl windows are available in nine exterior frame colors with premium exterior finishes like bronze and espresso. Our coating technology allows UV rays to pass through the paint and reflect off the vinyl frame, which preserves the exterior finish for colors that last.

Milgard will repair or replace any defect in materials or workmanship as well as pay the costs of all parts and labor for as long as the original purchaser owns the home. If you sell your home, we will extend coverage for 10 years from the install date to the successive owner. Tuscany Series also comes standard with Glass Breakage Coverage.

Tuscany Series custom made windows offer equal sightlines along with a wider frame shape which creates shadow lines for a more traditional look. Even sightlines are used in design to create a calming, appeasing and aesthetically attractive effect. The result is pure elegance.

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