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Breezway ios Altair Louver Windows will forever change the way you view jalousie windows, which have traditionally consisted of flimsy glass clips, unlike Breezway's patented vinyl (PVC) slat clips, to keep you and your family comfortable, while helping to reduce rain and water infiltration.  Breezway's ios Altair Windows  are the perfect option for residential and commercial applications with inside and outside screen options for single and multi-level dwellings. 

Unlike old-style aluminum jalousie windows with aluminum glass clips that fail over time, Breezway Louver Windows feature trademarked vinyl (PVC) slat clips (4" or 6" options) that create a virtually airtight seal for optimal wind and water performance.  The unique PVC slat clips contain UV stabilizers to provide years of use, with a unique design incorporated into the clip which provides efficient draining during inclement weather or sprinkler use.

The heavy duty extruded aluminum perimeter frame, with other components made of stainless steel, aluminum, and UV stabilized PVC components, require minimal maintenance and are corrosion resistant, a plus for us living here in Hawaii!  Regular cleanings are all that’s needed, unlike most others which require regular maintenance.

Enjoy the cool Hawaiian breezes and say goodbye hot, stuffy air! For those who want the option to fully open up their windows for optimal airflow plus the option to fully close their windows to keep the cool air conditioning inside with minimal energy loss, this is the option for you. 

Aluminum Perimeter Frame Colors Available:

  • Clear anodized
  • Bronze anodized
  • White Powder Coated (RAL9003*)

4" & 6" Vinyl (PVC) Clip & Handle Colors Available:  

  • White
  • Black
  • Misty Gray

Handle Styles Available:

  • Slide handle - Standard on inside screen units
  • Inside lever pull handle - Optional for inside screen units
  • Standard handle - Ergonomic for ease of use
  • Ring pull (For use with map rod for out of reach areas)
  • Low profile

4" & 6" Jalousie Slat Options:
Glass slats - Traditional

  • Clear
  • Clear LowE (improved insulating properties)
  • Obscure
  • Satina (similar to acid etched)  
  • Gray tinted (obscure and clear)
  • Bronze tinted (obscure and clear)

Wood / Aluminum slats

  • Western Red Cedar Wood slats** - Reduce heat and provide privacy
  • Aluminum slats - For privacy and a unique modern look with sleek lines
  • Clear anodized
  • Deep bronze anodized
  • White Powder Coated
  • Decowood finish

Choose from interior or exterior aluminum window screen options.  Optional diamond shaped or Prowler security grilles are available.  Please inquire for more information.

Estimates for a Breezway ios are Free for Most of Oahu

or call (808) 748-3772

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