Milgard Style Line Single Hung Window

Style Line is a favorable choice if you’re searching for a quality vinyl window in addition to affordability. The bottom sash moves up to allow air to flow into the home on a Single Hung window and the top sash is fixed. Because the window opens vertically, it makes a great solution for windows that overlook patios, balconies or walkways because it won’t protrude into the exterior space.

With seven premium exterior vinyl frame colors and two standard colors, you will have a variety of choices to match your home’s unique style. Standard frame colors include white and tan. Premium exterior finishes range from bronze to silver.

Milgard developed their own extremely high quality, signature vinyl formula that is produced in controlled environments to exacting standards. The result becomes a high performance product that stable in heat, does not corrode over time, and is very low maintenance.

The Positive Action Lock opens or closes and locks the window with a single motion and It erases any guessing; as long as the window is closed, it is unquestionably locked. Lastly, the positive action lock meets or exceeds the meticulous forced entry codes.

Style Line Series windows are covered by the Milgard Lifetime Limited Warranty*, and are eligible to be upgraded to the Full Lifetime Warranty for a fee if selected at the time of purchase. Ask Screens & Things for more information.

At Screens & Things, Milgard helps us help homeowners like you make an impact on their energy consumption by offering environmentally sound windows. We make it easy to meet local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with a selection of energy packages you can shape to our specific Hawaiian climate. Milgard conducts thermal simulations to enhance energy performance and help Screens & Things contribute to keeping our island haven the dream that it is.

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