Tradewind Surround Vinyl Louver Window

The newest design of vinyl louver windows.

TradeWind Vinyl Surround Louver Windows are appealing and durable. These windows are weather-tight because of the unique polypropylene louver clips and concealed mechanisms. No other vinyl louver system is built stronger or looks finer than the TradeWind Vinyl Surround Louver.

Window design conceals unsightly hardware mechanisms for a clean attractive design. Instead, the heavy duty lever operators handles are specifically constructed to permit inside screening. This makes it much easier to remove and clean, especially from multi-level homes and buildings.

Unique blade holding clips are designed to interlock one another when closed making it weather tight. It keeps out the elements and unwanted noise. The clips are made of polypropylene which resists degradation caused by ultraviolet rays.


  • Vinyl Channel
  • 100% Ventilation
  • Solid Construction
  • Conserves Energy
  • Easy to Clean
  • Inside insect screening for easy removal
  • Weather-Tight sealing clips eliminate "whistling"
  • Balanced design prevents windows from slamming shut

Additional Options

  • 4" or 6" Louver Blades
  • Variety of Styles & Combinations
  • Picture Window Combinations Available

Estimates for a Tradewind Surround Vinyl Louver Window are Free for Most of Oahu

or call (808) 748-3772

Tradewind Surround Vinyl Louver Window Gallery - Click Images Below to Enlarge

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