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Titan Premium Security Screen Door

Security with Ventilation, Aesthetic Appeal, Rust Resistant

Titan Premium Security Screen Door

Titan Premium Security Doors are designed to deliver maximum return on your home improvement investment delivering a host of benefits. Enjoy attractive architecture and industry leading security offered in one door. Increased quality of life for homeowners as well as an assured home improvement investment make this door a superb choice for upgrading your space. Titan Premium Security Doors come in 41 designs and 12 popular colors.With a heavy gauge aluminum alloy framethat is up to 6 times stronger than steel, and marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh, which is both intruder and insect barrier, your home improvement investment will provide beauty and security for years to come.

Tested to exceed International Building Code (IBC) standards for dynamic impact, knife shear, and jimmy pry bar*, our Titan doors feature Meshtec Stainless Steel Security Mesh (Perforated Aluminum Mesh option available). The marine grade stainless steel mesh is .8mm diameter that provides ultra high tensile wire**. The superior mesh is further coated by a proprietary pretreatment before receiving a powder coat paint that exceeds 10,000+ hour salt spray corrosion standards. These doors are built to stand the test of time in our extremely harsh, moist, and salty environment.

*The dynamic impact simulates human impact on the door. The mesh is subjected to impact and there can be no more than 150 mm permanent deflection and no breach after 5 impacts. This impact energy equal is measured in joules and are tested with impact of 100 joules (100 newtons of force from one meter). A newton is the force required to accelerate a one kilogram mass to one meter per second per second. The knife shear tests to determine the resistance to a heavy duty trimming knife.  The force is 150 Newtons vertically and up to 350 Newtons horizontally at a draw speed of 6 mm per second. There can be no more than 150 mm of penetration after 3 strokes. The jimmy pry bar test determines the resistance of the door or windows to lever forces. Varying levels of force are applied to the top, bottom and center. To pass, there can be no more than 150 mm gap and no lock or hinge failure.

Tensile Strength is the property of a material to resist breaking when subjected to force that pulls apart or tears a substance. It is the maximum amount of tensile stress that the material, wire mesh in our case, can withstand before failure – breaking. This strength is measured in Megapascals (MPa) which is the unit of pressure in the International System of Units. It has largely replaced pounds per square inch in the United States. **The security mesh has a minimum 900 MPa.

You Are Covered:

  • Home Protection Warranty: If your home is burglarized and entry was accomplished through a Titan security door, locked with a double deadbolt, Titan will pay your insurance deductible up to $1000 or replace as applicable the damaged Titan security door at no charge.
  • Resistant to Rust: An aluminum frame and choice of perforated aluminum screen make this door rust resistant. Remember to periodically wipe down your door to prevent corrosion from Hawaii’s salt air.
    If choosing the stainless steel meshtec screen, your screen is protected with a chromate layer and powder coating finish and has a 15 year guarantee against corrosion of any kind.
  • 5 Year Warranty: This covers your door’s powder coat finish.
  • 1 Year Warranty: This covers your door’s components.
  • Warranted for Residential Installations: Warranted against manufacturer defects under normal use for as long as the customer owns the product, and terminates if they sell or otherwise transfer the product or the property upon which it was installed. 

Designs, Colors, and Screen Types:


Design Names:
Biltmore, Chili Ristra, Classic French, Deer Meadow, Elegante, Essex, Folkstone, French Hummingbird, Full View, Garland, Guardsman, Halcyon, Harbour Beacon, Harvard, Heart of Texas, Leeds, Lizard Bar, Longfellow, Manchester, Martini, Matrix, Modern Cross, Modern Trellis, Nogales, Nottingham, Plain Bar, Playa, Prosperity, Qual Covey, Queen Mary, Sail Away, Seychelles, Sheraton, Spaniard, Stencil, Sunfire, Texas Star, Trellis, Winchester, Windfall, Yale.

Titan Premium Security Screen Door Designs

Color Names:
Beige Hammer, Black, Blue Hammertone, Copperclad, Desert Sand, Forest Green, Red Hammertone, Royal Brown, Silverado, Terra Beige, White, Wineberry.

Titan Premium Security Screen Door Designs

Screen Options:

  • Meshtec Security Screen: made of high tensile woven stainless steel mesh and provides light and ventilation while delivering strength and durability. Available in a black finish.
  • Perforated Aluminum Security Screen: made of heavy gauge aluminum and brings strength and style with ventilation. Available in five different colors: white beige hammer, desert sand, royal brown, and black.
  • Sun/Pet Screen: a non-security option providing increased airflow, upgraded sun protection, and pet resistance. Available in white, gray, desert sand, brown, and black.
  • Insect Screen: a non-security option that provides increased airflow while keeping mosquitos out. Available in charcoal only.

Titan Premium Security Screen Door Screen Options

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