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Very large range of skylights with many different styles, configurations, and brands available


We feature a variety of top quality skylights made of Velux and CrystaLite that will not be sold in a big-box hardware store.

Velux Skylights

Curb Mounted Skylight
Curb Mounted Skylight - The skylight is mounted on a wooden frame, known as a curb, that the installer builds around the opening on your roof. Curb mounted skylights are ideal for flat roofs up to a pitch of 60 degrees.
Deck Mounted Skylight
Deck Mounted Skylight - The skylight’s deck seal is nailed directly to your roof deck for a low profile, energy-efficient installation. Deck mounted skylights are best for roofs with a pitch between 14 and 85 degrees.
Solar Powered 'Fresh Air' Skylights
Solar Powered 'Fresh Air' Skylights - Available for both deck and curb mount installations, features a solar panel that captures available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed battery powered operator and control system. This operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight, negating the need for electrical wiring during installation.

CrystaLite Skylights

CrystaLite skylights are structurally designed, certified, and stamped approved to meet and exceed the building codes. With our standard skylight frames and our light, medium, and heavy custom frame systems, CrystaLite can accommodate almost any overhead application.

CrystaLite Skylights
CrystaLite Skylights
CrystaLite Skylights

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